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This is the subject of an endless number of blogs and op-eds, but this has a personal dimension, as well.  As a young adult in high school, I was first attracted to politics.  Conservatism had an enormous appeal.  I didn’t see it as anathema to a young person.  On the contrary, it was appealing because of the dynamism reflective in the philosophy of free-markets, individualism, a strong America, etc.  There was a little bit of a reactionary appeal/ideal- it told a story about an America not obsessed with celebrities and political correctness.  When thinking about Conservatism and America, I envisioned a country much like the 1950s- obviously an era well before my time- but without the drab and homogeneity.  One where you could take a risk, be rewarded, raise a family, and speak your mind.  And, people dressed remarkably well. Fast forward to Post-bailout, a time when risk-taking with others capital is rewarded with a golden parachute, family life has become a mere lost remnant of the past, and our status as a world economic/political power is on relative decline (another post, another time).  What does the Republican Party, our defender of the good old days of yore, suggest we do to salvage our future?  Well, nothing.  The recent RNC Chairman wrote in his latest address   that our newest, direst problems result from our attempts to rescue the world.  The stimulus bill, as passed, is obviously flawed along with Obama’s new budget.  But the core of the GOP (and American mainstream conservatism??) is denial on a political scale.  The Republicans in the past were often tarnished with an image of a nascent belief in the ability of America to use force abroad to spread its ideals, an unfledgling clinging to free-markets, and the rugged individualism that allows the best to climb the proverbial ladder.  Conservatives (in general) now cling to a philosophy of the past based on pure sentiment.  Their belief is rather disbelief or even more disturbing, unbelief of the world in which we live.  This is a world that will generally be more regulated, more socialistic, and less rewarding to the individual.  However, conservatives and the Republican Party flatly reject this reality.  It sounds ugly, I agree.  So why not build something else?  Build a new economic platform, instead of flatly deny spending (another irony considering our country has become bankrupt in 8 years under a largely Republican leadership.)  Do we really think jobs will be created out of the mystic fog that is cleared after tax cuts?  – To be continued….


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