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Douchebag of the Week

Douchebag of the Week


It may be that this blogsite has taken an uncharacteristic turn.  Also, it may be that Jeff Reed, the Kicker for the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers does not deserve to be mistaken for such an intimate device.  However, given the fact that the aforementioned man, the one who is pictured above, and a key member of arguably one of the most elusive franchises in the history of Western sport, looks as if he has spent the last years of his life under a heat lamp in Tijuana with his shirt off at a bar draws comment.  In school and in our formidable years playing team sports, we look to superstar athletes as being quite, well- super.  Role models for sure, they demand a certain respect for the mere fact that they have accomplished what most have not.  Of course in times of ungodly salaries and stories of steroid abuse, one must already write off a certain standard that we may have expected from athletes.  We are all human, of course, and athletes should be expected to make mistakes in an imperfect world.  But come on.  Does anyone viewing the above picture believe there is a shred of dignity left in this man’s self?  With a certain degree of fame and fortune, should we somehow expect a lapse in how we may portray ourselves?  The Greeks promoted arete, or excellence within their society.  This included athletics and ethics.  What do we promote in athletics?



  1. Excellent choice for D.O.W. I personally would have started off with another Steeler, but that’s just me. Let me know when you’re deciding next week’s nominees. I have one I’d like to throw in the mix…

  2. You can count me for having a vote in for Jeff Reed for Douchebag of the Week for next week too. The dude looks like Kramer in the Seinfeld episode where he cooks himself in butter. He looks like that 12 months a year. He’s a kicker for goodness sakes. And besides, he has boobs.

  3. He just lost us the game in Chicago 17-14 by missing two straight field goals. He also got a buzz cut because “someone” made him realize he looked like a stoned-to-death, glue sniffer a few months back. You guys should be fortune tellers, lol.

  4. Hate to quibble, but it’s “formative,” not “formidable.” Otherwise, carry on.

  5. Have you seen what DOW is up to today?

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