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Wrap up from Game 1:

It’s going to be brief as I went to the game and to be quite frank, didn’t care to make mental notes about what was going on and at what time. A few random observations though:

-Popular belief was the pressure was all on the Penguins. Yeah, Evgeni Malkin really looked like he was feeling the pressure as he lobbed a puck at a member of the ice crew after warmups to see if the man could direct it into the net with his foot. And when the guy from the ice crew was able to do it, Geno let loose an enormous smile and went and celebrated with the guy. Yep, pressure. What a bitch. PS…What a smile on that Russian.

-The arena was absolutely electric to start the game. Unbelievable atmosphere. I’ve been to Steelers playoff games and although there aren’t nearly as many people, it is absolutely a comparable experience. Amazing.

-I stated in my earlier post that I didn’t think that Martin Biron was good enough to keep a team as talented as us down for long. Tonight proved my point entirely. Martin Biron was as shakey as a Muhammed Ali etch a sketch. Such a terrible goaltender. Philadelphia will never get anywhere with him between the pipes. So the checklist for Philadelphia is: get a decent goaltender; kick that beastiality habit.

-Marc-Andre Fleury must be French for “I had sex with Scott Hartnell’s mother”

-While on the subject of Scott Hartnell, many of you may have recognized him from his numerous television appearances. Here are a couple screenshots from his fame….

or maybe this:

or even this magazine cover:

Regardless, he’s poop.

-The playoffs are where the big boys shine. Case and point; Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal and Marc-Andre Fleury were all studs last night. The 3 stars of the game came from those 4 players with Geno being the odd man out somehow. If you need more information on how well they played, watch the game yourself.

-Tyler Kennedy. He may hit on my friends with ridiculously terrible lines and appear to be a relative of Babe: Pig in the city, but the kid has heart and played his ass off tonight. My kudos to MR. KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! KENNEDY!!!!!!!!

(not my video, not my seats. thanks to the random that posted that on youtube)

-Mark Eaton should win the Norris Trophy. Or run for Senate. The dude has heart and is a solid defensive defenseman who even managed to score a goal tonight. Not sure how any of that would qualify him for a Senate run but I’d vote for him regardless.

-Max Talbot is a warrior. Don’t agree? Don’t care.

-In the prior post, I also stated that there wouldn’t be as many fisticuffs. Throw that out the window. I missed that call. My bad. Not really. I loved it. Game 2 is going to be just as, if not more, physical. That’s what this rivalry is. That’s what hockey in Philadelphia is. They get frustrated and they take cheap shots. If someone doesn’t stand up to them, said shots will continue. It takes the heart of a lion to step up and do something about it and the team showed that it has the heart of a lion and the heart of a herd of gazelles that the lion just ate. This is a man’s game. If you don’t get tough and get physical and defend yourself and your teammates then you are doomed to fail and rot in mediocrity.

-At the trade deadline I was not pleased with the Bill Guerin trade. I am man enough to admit when I’m wrong. I ate those words tonight. Tonight he showed what kind of leader he is. A grizzled veteran, not known for fighting, threw down with a bigger, much younger opponent for taking liberties with his teammate towards the end of the game. It takes a great competitor to do that and I tip my hat to Bill Guerin…as if he cares….as if it matters.

-Last thing. Anyone who thought we weren’t a physical enough team to hang with the “broad street bullies” can take a piece of advice from Jackie Moon and “suck one”. There were more bodies being thrown around tonight than on prom night. Hockey… it.

Thats all I got tonight. Want anything else, I’m an easy person to find. Ask me about the game and I’ll shoot the shit all day. 1 game down, 15 to go. Holla at a playa when ya see him in the street.



  1. Don’t both teams have to be competitive to consider it a rivalry? We have won 5 of the last 6 playoff games against these schleps. They are a waste of time, not a rival.

  2. Rival: 1. a person who is competing for the same object or goal as another, or who tries to equal or outdo another; competitor
    2. a person or thing that is in a position to dispute another’s preeminence or superiority: a stadium without a rival.

    They are a rival…An inferior rival but a rival nevertheless.


  3. But is there a difference between them being a rival and the game being a rivalry. By your definition, any team in the NHL would be a rival. But I wouldnt consider every other team to have a “rivalry” with the pens.

    Sweet Sassy Molassy!!!

  4. Your face!!!


  5. “…he gets happy-go-jacky on the big white guy like a donkey eating a waffle”

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