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As a follow up to my previous blog post on the advantages to implementing a full-scale high speed rail system in this country, I must comment on the President’s support this week for such a plan.  His vision is certainly a bit high-minded to the degree that this project could take years before any real overhaul of the previous rail network would be realized.  Nonetheless, a step in the right direction.  California appears to have taken the lead in initiating any real effort to get the ball rolling on a project, designing a network connecting both Northern and Southern Ca.  The question of its real success in the future depends on the receptiveness of our population to a new way of gettting from destination to destination.  Given the angst experienced every day at our nation’s airports and our clogged highway system, it is easy to imagine demand meeting expectations of these proposals.  Low-cost, efficient travel will make it easier for both those living in highly populated areas commuting between cities and those in the interior regions, as well.


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