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When I think of Philadelphia, I think of scum. And not the friendly soap scum that you can get rid of with a little elbow grease and “scrubbin bubbles”. I mean the kind of scum that you should just take a good look at, say “f@*k it”, set the bitch on fire and start over. That’s what I think of when I think Philadelphia. Is this uneducated? Absolutely. Do I care? F#$k no. I’ve been to the city. To be bland about it, I do not care for it.


I have friends who were born and raised in Philadelphia who are nice, decent, and fun loving people. But I have sat in the stands in the Wachovia Center, been hit with items that I didn’t know people would be willing to spend $9 to throw at me. I’ve been called things in those stands that would make the average person’s face melt. I’ve been propositioned to fight by a restroom full of Philadelphia’s finest. These people boo’d Santa Claus at an Eagles game for God’s sake. Not everyone is a terrible person who is in Philadelphia but my experiences have been less than pleasant.


And its not just the behavior, but what they say….Example. “Crosby Sucks”….If you’ve watched any of this first round series, you will hear that echoed over and over again during game 3 and game 4 in Philadelphia.  I disagree with that statement. Philadelphia disagrees with me. My ignorant and uneducated response to Philadelphia as a whole is “I will give you something to suck on you trash of society, f&@k all of your mothers right in the ass.” However, being that I went to school and received a diploma, I will argue logically….3rd in the National Hockey League in points. Behind a Flyer you may ask??? No…F!$k no. Sidney Crosby has been to the Stanley Cup. Youngest captain in league history. Won the League MVP 2 years ago. He has routinely punished Philadelphia for the way they have treated him. In the regular season, Crosby has played Philadelphia 26 times. He has 46 points. Yep, I guess he is pretty bad. I am disgusted that there is not a cage around the city to keep these people away from the rest of society. The Wachovia Center is a zoo and it should be treated as such.


Here we are now 2 periods into tonights hockey game….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..Eat s&*t Philadelphia. I laugh because everything bad that is happening is deserved. Have your coach talk about our goalie to the media, through 2 periods Marc-Andre Fleury has been the best player on the ice by far. Suck my ass.


In a game like this, the “best young captain” in the game steps up…Where has Mike Richards been? Maybe Pierre McGuire literally sucked the life out of him over the weekend….literally.


John Stevens looks like Bob Saget. Suck a c!#k. Preach discipline to your team and get a goalie. Without those two items you’ll continue to be golfing before the Pens.


Fleury just made another big save. So big I got an erection. I typed this with my penis…I’m kidding….or am I?


This kind of discussion is had a lot whenever these two teams meet. This isn’t just Flyers vs Penguins. Its Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia. Good vs. Evil. I really don’t care what your opinion is on Philadelphia. I don’t like it. If you like it, good for you. I don’t care. In my opinion it is a terrible city full of awful people. I have personal experiences to back it up and nothing is going to change my opinion. My personal opinion’s shouldn’t change your views. If they do, good. Welcome to the bright side of life. If they don’t, you’re Darth Vader.


Daniel Briere may have a vagina.


With 10 minutes left in the game I’m still very hesitant to look past this team and chalk this up as a win…So I will continue to talk about my disgust for Philadelphia. Lets now talk about these jerseys. They are creamsicles. I’m off the jerseys as the suddenly quiet crowd attempted to chant “Crosby sucks” as he wasn’t on the ice and again punished them by scoring the first goal of the game. I love beating Philadelphia. I really do, but I love it more when their whipping boy, a top 3 player in the world, not just the league but the f*#$ing world, scores. It must really suck to not recognize greatness when its right in front of you.


Philadelphia scores….shit.


I’m done with this shit for the night. Too big of a game. If I walk in happy tomorrow, you’ll be able to figure out how this game went, if not, use your best judgement. Regardless, Philadelphia is still abject filth. 


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