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To the devoted readers of the Kargblog…I am embarassed. I let my personal opinions of a fanbase be portrayed as an entire city. That is irresponsible. If there is anything that Kargblog is about, it is responsible, eloquent, and fun. My last post about Philadelphia was irresponsible, inappropriate, and not fun at all to read. For this, I apologize to anyone who read that piece and was offended. It was not my intent to offend any of the readers of this glorious blog. I merely meant to entertain and my latest post was off the mark. I apologize to the city of Philadelphia. I lumped an entire city in with a few thousand patrons at a hockey game and that was also irresponsible. I’m sure there are many lovely things about the city of Philadelphia that I have not experienced and many tremendous citizens. I will not apologize to Flyers fans who pack the Wachovia Center. They are dirt. To everyone else, the readers, the city, I truly apologize. Sincerely, Heater.


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  1. Who made you write this?

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