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Most of you have heard the latest reports of the spreading swine virus, causing fears of a worldwide pandemic.  Besides the obvious human toll that such a disease can bring, this has the possibility of making a world economic recovery more difficult.  For one, Mexico remains one the United States’ largest trading partners.  Even if the disease does not reach the levels of infection that have been feared by public health officials, this illness will nonetheless create a barrier to both commerce and travel.  In a time of severe economic stress, such a health scare could have serious ramifications.  Personal productivity, for one, can be negatively affected.  The sheer mental distractions caused by threat of illness could keep enough people’s minds on something other than work, to make a marked difference in productivity.  Think of the further delays at airports and checkpoints should this virus continue to spread.  Just when economic confidence appears to have hit bottom and has no where to go but up from here, such a random event can have unexpected consequences. 



  1. Here’s to you Dave Karg for beating Reuters to the punch. I think tomorrow I’ll wear a dust mask to work. Afer all, I think there are 3 unconfirmed, but highly speculated cases of the swine flu on the floor.

  2. I am living proof that you can beat swine flu. Sure my symptoms also mirrored the common flu, but dont let that fool you. I took swine flu head on and I won. Godspeed

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